CyberSecurity & Keeping your data safe

Posted: Nov 22, 2015

CyberSecurity & Keeping your data safe

John M. Haddad

Last month, on October 20th, I had the privilege of giving a presentation to the Medway Business Council.

Bisinet Technologies is currently a member of this wonderful organization, which supports local businesses through networking, exchanging ideas and building relationships in our community.

Many of best practices presented were based on my 35+ years experience in the corporate world.  As I’ve worked with many small businesses over the years, I find that many of the best practices that large organizations deploy are very relevant to local businesses.

As a small business owner, if you think that hackers are only targeting the Target’s, Home Depot’s, TJX and other large corporations, you would be very surprised.  Hackers are constantly trying to attack any site that might show a vulnerability.

The topic of the presentation was “CyberSecurity & Keeping your data safe“.   I wanted to focus on 6 main areas.

  1. Password Hardening
  2. Personal Computers
  3. Servers and Network Devices
  4. Email and Encryption
  5. Web Sites
  6. Backup, Recovery & Business Continuity

Many of my blog posts in the past have touched upon several of these topics, but I wanted to share this presentation with small and mid-sized business owners as an overview of best security practices.  This presentation focuses on what your business can do to mitigate risk.

To view the presentation, please click the image below.

CyberSecurity presentation to the Medway Business Council

If your business needs any assistance in defining and implementing these best practices for your business, please contact us.

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