Cloud Services

Cost-effective solutions without costly hardware and software

Cloud Services

Today’s technology is rapidly changing and evolving at an exciting and sometimes intimidating pace.  For businesses like yours, no longer does it make sense to invest in costly hardware and software applications, which both need upgrading and refreshing every 2-3 years. This becomes costly over time and puts your business at risk.

Advantages of cloud solutions include:

  • No initial capital investment required
  • Ability to scale up or down as your business needs change Increased mobility
  • No additional IT staff needed
  • Offsite backup and recovery of our data to support your business continuity strategy
  • Software applications are updated in real time
  • Access to your apps and data from anywhere, anytime
  • All done with the highest security

Cloud Applications

Investing in hardware and software applications for your business can be costly, with constant upgrading, backing up and securing systems.  

Cloud based solutions, like Google Apps for Work, allow you to reduce your operating costs while having the latest technology and accessing it from any device remotely.  We are a Google partner and reseller, so we can provide complete implementation, customization, training and management support for your business.

We can find the right cloud solution for you.

Cloud Storage

Having storage solutions on-site poses a lot of risk for your business.  Servers that house the storage can fail.  Hard drives can fail.  A fire can wipe out all your data storage.  

What you need is a way to store your data off site.  Having data off site makes accessing the data from anywhere in the world, from any device, more reasonable.

We can help you migrate your data to complete or partial cloud based storage solutions for easy of access by all your employees … or augment your local storage with cloud solutions.

Cloud Backup

Many businesses have local backups of their critical data on a USB external drive.

But what happens if there is a fire or water damage … or even if the hard drive fails? You need to have a multi-faceted backup strategy using the cloud as a key component.

We can help put a process in place for offi-ste backup and recovery of your data, securely and seemlessly.

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