EPCO Manufacturing

Client since 2018

Client Overview

EPCO Manufacturing is a family-owned business since 1952, EPCO has been proudly manufacturing our products in Medway, MA USA for over 60 years.

EPCO’s mission of Quality Precision & Style is strongly implemented across our 8 product lines making us one of the leading manufactures in the Bowling, Mini Bowling, Bocce, Billiards, Industrial/Commercial Ball, Sheet & Rod, and Shift Knob Industries!

Services provided

Website Design Services

Description of work performed

The client had 8 separate websites for each of their product lines.  We completely redesigned the entire site and combined everything into one website.  The main purpose of the site was to advertise all their custom manufacturing capabilities for their product lines.

In addition, a very complex e-commerce system was implemented for their custom shift knobs, where people can order custom shift knobs online.