Can Cloud Services help your Small Business?

Posted: Jan 7, 2014

Can Cloud Services help your Small Business?

John M. Haddad

Time to re-evaluate your existing technology infrastructure

The vast majority of small and mid sized businesses (SMBs) plan to ditch at least some of their in-house IT in the New Year, opting instead for cloud services.

Many small businesses have a trouble letting go of their aging technology. In the long run, this can pose a major risk for your business should hardware fail or software become obsolete.

While cloud services have made it easier to take advantage of IT and computing services that were once exclusive to big enterprises, for many SMBs, the main reason for the shift to cloud comes down purely to cost savings.  Another major factor is the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, as more employees have become  accustomed to using cloud-enabled apps and having the computing power of smartphones and tablets at home, they came to expect more of the same at work.

A recent report that surveyed 650 U.S. firms and 650 U.K. firms came to the following conclusions:

  • 88 percent of respondents say that cloud services save them money
  • 60 percent say that cloud services reduced the need to maintain their IT infrastructure
  • 56 percent say cloud services helped them to increase profits
  • 49 percent say that cloud services allowed them to grow their business

It’s time for SMBs to see what parts of their operations make sense to move into the cloud.  The implications to doing so can free businesses of worrying about their internal IT infrastructure and devoting their time to running their business.

Connecting with Your Customers, Suppliers and Employees

A significant number of small business owners also plan to use cloud services to boost their email marketing campaigns and to gain a social media advantage in 2014.  Mobile social media apps are also making an impression. Facebook is the top mobile app for business development and marketing, followed by Twitter and YouTube.The cloud also makes it easier for SMB employees to work anywhere. This allows you to provide a more flexible work environment for your employees.If you would like to see if cloud services are right for you, contact us to set up a complimentary consultation.

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